Tyler and a nice catch'
We are very fortunate to live in a woodland setting on the banks of the beautiful Miramichi River, surrounded by the very best Mother Nature can supply - from magnificent scenery to a great number of beautiful woodland creatures. Our guests who take relaxing walks or set out on hiking adventures or in the winter time, go snowshoeing or X-country skiing should always carry a camera with them so as to not miss out on that "photo of a lifetime". You never know what you might see.

Life is good here... very good as you will see from all the photographs below - and we will be adding more over time so keep checking back...
Freddy the Fox who travels throughout our land
Beautiful fall colours along the river
The woodcock (nicknamed 'Timberdoodle') is a fast flying and wily game bird
A blaze of autumn colours as only Mother Nature can paint
Grady, one of many rabbits wild on our grounds
The King of the game birds - the beautiful Pheasant
Our main lodge on the banks of the Miramichi River
A nice relaxing place to sit and watch the river flow by
A coyote in the woods
A great fishing hole on the nearby Cains River
Sunset shadows creep across the glass-like river surface
A Crane in the summer on shore, looking for a fish dinner
Great walking and hiking trails nearby
As pristine as any scene can get..
Woody, the Pileated Woodpecker
An Eagle Which we see almost every day in a huge Pine tree out in front of our place. We call the eagle 'Eddie the eagle' as he has been around our home for almost 15 years. Every year he brings more family to our sky.
Sometimes early in the morning you can see deer run across our driveway
We have a spot where we can go
to watch black bear in their natural habitat
In the morning and evening you often see moose near the river
We have a little gift shop located at Country Haven Lodge. We have a variety of items for sale such as flies, books, hats, shirts and odds&ends. We hope you drop by and visit us while you are at Country Haven - but you can also order online. So come on into our site and see our selection of custom-tied flies and accessories.
We live in a beautiful area. With clean air, crystal clear water and many types of wildlife to see when taking a casual stroll or hike along woodland trails or in the winter, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snowmobiling, even taking a winter walk in the crisp winter air - in my mind, this is simply 'the place to be'!
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